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20/365 Crisp

The air was unusually crisp downtown and the sun, having just slipped over the horizon left everything glowing, just a little bit. IMG_6890.JPG


358/365–The Past in the Street

In June, the last week of school, Opti and I walked past a collection of glass bottles exhumed from the street during the road repaving. There were a few that caught our eye and we brought home with us. They adorn our steamy kitchen window and leave me wondering…just how common was F. Browns Jamaica Ginger? And what purpose did it serve? Was it for cooking? Serve some sort of medicinal purpose? Was it like bitters, and added to cocktails?


5/365- Smog

Several factors conspired to prevent me from riding my bike in to work this morning. Cresting the on-ramp to 35W I saw the smog blurring the Minneapolis skyline and immediately regretted letting my “not wanting to be late to work” guilt stop me, because it was replaced with “how could you drive when the evidence of your selfishness is so obvious!” guilt.

Four inches of rain by midday is predicted for tomorrow, do I suck it up and ride in anyway? We’ll see.