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365/365–Last Day

This picture will be making a second appearance in my food blog, when I share the recipe for orange chicken and roasted beets. This little spoonful of goodness is orange zest flavored butter.



363/365–Stealing the Show

I planted these for salads this summer, tonight they’re stealing the show with their dazzling complexity!


356/365–Fetching Take Out

It’s too hot to cook. We paid Fats to do it for us.




An evening at Piccolo is such a treat!

We had some foodie friends visiting from Chicago that joined us and another couple this time around and thankfully were game to sample the entire menu. I must have done a nice job of priming them because I got a lot of warning they were coming so I could get our group of six reservations.

Opti demands to join us next time, and promises to eat whatever Doug makes for him. I have a feeling it’s my reference to the flavor trip scene in Ratatouille that has him so excited. I use it when trying to explain what makes eating there so wonderful, because it honestly is the most visual way to describe what eating there is like. The little guy may also be hoping he might get to hang out in the kitchen. ; )

346/365–Arugula Salad Pizza

I am seriously enamored with this pizza. Recipe is here, on my food blog.


336/365–Post Tree Removal

We had a large dead elm at the back of our lot this morning, now there’s just a stump thanks to the ingenuity and perseverance of a few helpful friends.  To celebrate? Palinka, refrigerator pickled radishes, grilled salad and cedar plank smoked salmon.


All this rain would be doing wonderful things for our garden if the sun would ever come out!


331/365–Amazing Pistachio Popovers

These were the best popovers ever. Hands down.  I’d make them again in a heartbeat.  Ok, so lots of heartbeats, because they were way to rich to make this soon.  I should probably also figure out who has a torch I can use to properly caramelize the sugars next time.


330/365–What to Make with Kale

Grilled pork tenderloin, served with fresh green lettuce salad (containing the first ripe tomato of our second wave of hydroponic tomatoes, and lettuce from our CSA share) and potato kale cakes (kale also from our CSA share).


I’ve been hearing that the Dandelion Kitchen makes good eats for nearly a year now and yesterday encountered positive press about this food truck in two different places; meaning, of course, that I had to get my lunch there.


They’d been open for all of ten minutes when I arrived and the line was already twenty people deep. I was hoping to see the much talked about ham n brie sandwich on the menu, but alas, it was not to be.

Highlight of the B.L.T. I settled on ordering instead? A sweet dressing on the lettuce that really balanced the other flavors. Yum.