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Matt plants these in our vegetable garden every year, they add a nice splash of color to the green expanse.


345/365–Not an Orange Lily


We have loads of orange lilies. I wish they were all this variety instead, although, I may not like it as much if it were common. . .

320/365–Fuzzy Balls



The milkweed has it’s pre bloom fuzzy balls, they never fail to amuse Opti.

304/365–Mysterious Pleasing Scent

We had some friends over for dinner and one of them was enchanted by an invisible scent.

The few weeks of Lily of the Valley bloom are heavenly.




I wanted today’s picture to be of Matt’s eye.  I’ve never seen them so red without him having pink eye. 

Our maple, and probably almost every other tree in the city is in bloom right now.  The dainty green flowers are lookers, but they’re wreaking havoc on allergy sufferers. 

This spring seems particularily irritating, and I’ve been surprised by the lack of pollinators buzzing about, when pollen seems to be overabundant.  I’ve seen a total of three bumblebees.  What’s up with that?  Where are the rest of our winged friends?

287/365–Mom, Thanks for the Clean Laundry

Opti knows I’m enamored with the complexity of fuchsia flowers (he’s even adopted them as his favorite flower) and picked them out with grandma for our shady spot on the deck.

The accompanying card reminded me that he loves me and he had a lot of laundry for me to do accumulated in his room ; ) apparently he shares his father’s sense of humor.


280/365–Spider Bloom

Our dear friends Doc and Carolyn allowed us to adopt their spider plant’s offspring and we’ve made them happy enough to bloom! Pretty!


275/365–More Spring Pretties

The boy and I walk past this house every Tuesday. They did some awesome landscaping last year and their selection of spring flowers is really nice.


267/365–Pasque Flower

I am in love! Must …. plant….. pasque flower! I know its poisonous, but I don’t have a toddler to worry about eating it these days.


242/365–Blue Orchid

I visited the Highland Lunds last night after discovering I lacked pizza sauce for the dough I was making and found myself sucked into the plant section (you know it happens to you too!) by these blue orchids. Mostly because I was sure they must be silk.


No silk here, they’re real.