A brief moment of each day.

2/365 Wander at the Traverse

Candy and I drove to Mankato for a visit with my grandfather and my favorite aunt Cindy this morning. The turned leaves of the trees and the fields ready to be harvested are a sight to behold…

Instead of counting barns, as my mother typically does to pass the time, we counted road kill, and somehow our totals were nowhere close to in agreement. I’d counted 14 unfortunate creatures along the roadside, she had seen only two.

After a pleasant visit and lunch, having driven past the Traverse des Sioux Treaty History Center for as long as we could remember and never having stopped, we did so on the drive home- just because. The grounds have (repetitive) interpretive signs, which we read diligently for a short while before just heading towards the trail to the crossing to see the river.


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