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I wanted today’s picture to be of Matt’s eye.  I’ve never seen them so red without him having pink eye. 

Our maple, and probably almost every other tree in the city is in bloom right now.  The dainty green flowers are lookers, but they’re wreaking havoc on allergy sufferers. 

This spring seems particularily irritating, and I’ve been surprised by the lack of pollinators buzzing about, when pollen seems to be overabundant.  I’ve seen a total of three bumblebees.  What’s up with that?  Where are the rest of our winged friends?


One response

  1. laurasjoquist

    Jack has had a surprisingly easy spring as far as allergies. Dare I hope he’s outgrowing them? Or maybe it was my magic idea to switch his pink pill to the mornings. Knocking on wood now.

    May 24, 2011 at 4:23 pm

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