A brief moment of each day.


One of the perks of being known as a “crafty” type means that your friends think of you when they see something that they associate with your particular craft habits. Sarah and I share a yarn habit and when she noticed this swift in amongst the treasures at Laughing Water Gifts on 50th street near Nokomis she knew I had to have it. What is a swift you ask? It’s a handy spinning contraption that allows me to use skeins (rather than balls) of yarn, without all the tangling I tolerated up this point, for my crocheting projects. You put the skein over the umbrella portion and expand it until it’s holding the yarn taut, then you can pull the loose end and the swift spins, enabling the easy unwinding of yarn. Cool right?



Now I just need to move my chair back up into my craft corner, stop dedicating so much time to inhaling books, doing stuff for FLN, gardening and all my other projects so I can get some crafting done. Wonder if I can “retire” yet so I can dedicate myself more fully to my hobbies. . .


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