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310/365–Wild Geranium

I rescued this geranium when I was helping do some weeding at the Nokomis Naturescape last spring. It was in a pile of weeds waiting for collection by the park maintenance staff, and I recognized the solitary leaf growing off the root. Seems to be happy it’s not composting. ; )




Just when I thought the game was mine…

308/365–Memorial Day Weekend, Grilling

This meal was incredible. Barbecue Chicken with Glaze accompanied by coleslaw, fruit dip and grilled corn.



We have poles and their beans left to plant, otherwise, our kitchen garden is planted!

306/365–Shrimp on the Barby

I bought, and thawed too many shrimp for a curry we made earlier in the week, so Friday night we skewered the remaining shrimp and one of our pineapples and tossed them on the grill. Yum…



Someone had the pre concert jitters.  Even from the back of the auditorium I could tell.

304/365–Mysterious Pleasing Scent

We had some friends over for dinner and one of them was enchanted by an invisible scent.

The few weeks of Lily of the Valley bloom are heavenly.


303/365–Edible Hedge

We’ve been working on our blueberry hedge since last year when we took out the hosta and added elemental sulfur to correct the soil pH for acid loving berries.

In January I saw a presentation on permaculture and decided to use one of the plant pairings the speaker suggested: blueberries and lingonberries. Theoretically, the lingonberry will act like a ground cover and fill in around the blueberry bushes.

We’re fencing the beds for the first few years to protect them from the proliferation of bunnies in our neighborhood. Allowing them time to get established.



Every time I profess a love of ribs, my husband pretends he didn’t know this affinity I share with my boy for fatty meat clinging to bone, drenched in sauce. For the record, I love ribs.

Lucky for us, May Birthdays Dinner tradition dictates they be served.




We committed our Sunday to the production of a few treasured loaves of this Slovenian sweet bread. We use Grandma Musich’s recipe with a few flourishes of our own. I’m sure they would be frowned upon for being non traditional, but the effects are worth the frowns. Well worth them.

Recipe and process for making this delicacy will show up on my food blog eventually.