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273/365–Renovating the Farm to Match the Vision

Our little piece of former farm land is undergoing a large renovation this year.  We made some baby steps in this direction last year, but this year’s the year.  We’d hoped to have bee hives, but one of our immediate neighbors has yet to get on board.  Someday. . . until then, we’ve undertaken other projects–expanding the vegetable garden, manipulating the existing grape vine to have it serve as more of a “green fence” and setting up a mason bee hive in our plum tree to introduce more native pollinators (until we can get our bees).  As part of the grape vine fence project, we removed the shiny buckthorn hedges with the help of a handy friend with a Jeep.  Amazing what quick work a tow rope with enough force will do to those crazy rootballs. . .


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