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Archive for April 19, 2011

268/365–Squirrel on a Raft

Dad’s class night = Breakfast for dinner.  Tonight? Squirrels on a raft. Completely unrecognizable as such post cooking, but awesome all the same.


267/365–Pasque Flower

I am in love! Must …. plant….. pasque flower! I know its poisonous, but I don’t have a toddler to worry about eating it these days.


266/365–Fuzzy Tounge

She spurned Opti to snuggle in with us this evening. Wonder what we did to deserve it?


265/365–Sign In

Rake 4 the Lake was fantastic! Ok, the weather sucked, and there were a few minor issues, but all in all, we rocked! 290 bags of waste collected off the tributary streets flowing into Nokomis, preventing something like 53,000 tons of algae.


I went on a mission in Lake Nokomis on Friday morning to find some submerged chains. The waders are cute, don’t you think?


263/365–Department Store Shenanigans

I admit, I walked past at first, but doubled back, because it’s not every day you see a mannequin hand taking a break like this.