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Archive for April 11, 2011

259/365–Compost Casualty

Warning! Today’s picture contains the corpse of a mole.

I did my annual spring compost turning this weekend. It’s a more intense version of what I do every few weeks in summer. I pulled this clump of decomposing organic material out and gave an involuntary squeal of disgust. Surprisingly, the richly diverse insect population prompted only smiles.



258/365–Lucia & Mark

I can’t help but think of one of our favorite couples whenever I eat asparagus. They managed to incorporate it into every meal of their weekend long wedding celebration. . . thank you for the happy memories you crazy, asparagus loving, kids!


257/365–Screwdriver for Grandma

My grandma, pre Alzheimers, loved screwdrivers, and chickens-not real ones, because they’re mean- roosters in particular. I miss her, so tonight’s cocktail comprehensively provides me with happy memories of her.


256/365–Ice Out…Soon

The ice is a beautiful blue-green in these last days before the lake turns over. Pretty enough for people of all walks of life to stand along it’s edge admiring it.


255/365–Something in my Hair


“Mom, I think there’s something in my hair…”



The sky today was an unpredictable thing, one moment clear, the next overcast and dreary. Ending the daylight hours with a fake looking sun straining through the cloud cover. Spring weather is here at last!

253/365–Window Fashion


I sometimes wish that people actually walked around wearing the window display’s elaborate costumes. It would make walking down the mall so much more amusing!