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Archive for April 4, 2011

252/365–Day 3, 30 Days of Biking


The weather has taken pity on me and warmed up a bit. For my third day of the 30 Days of Biking challenge, the boys and I biked to the Creamery for a quart of ice cream. Of course, you can’t just get ice cream for later, you have to have a cone…


251/365–Nerd Dessert

Silly beets weren’t done roasting in time to join our baby back ribs on the table for dinner, so they became dessert. And a visually appealing, tasty one at that.


P.S. Sautéd beet greens with a sprinkle of salt and a healthy dose of balsamic vinegar? Amazing. Especially tasty when paired with sweet potato fries and a cheese stuffed grass fed burger cooked over mesquite coals. Absolutely mouthwatering.


Friday night is a fantastic time for a drink. Tonight’s offering? Cherry 7up with Minnesota distilled vodka, served in Grandma Gronewold’s cocktail glasses.