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142/365–New Hobby

Everyone needs a hobby or upwards of twenty or so hobbies, don’t they? At what point do you stop referring to them individually as hobbies, and is there a name for what you are when that happens?—By “that” I mean when you are someone who’s lifestyle consists of activities that normal people do as hobbies.

Whatever you call us, we’re adding another one to our repertoire, indoor ebb and flow water gardening (also known as hydroponics). After a summer of delicious garden goods the transition to winter supermarket produce has been brutal. We’d discussed attempting this many a Winter, but this year, we’re following through. Planted in little tree bark polymer plugs? Two varieties of basil, Two varieties of tomato, two varieties of cilantro, two lettuce mixes, spinach and thyme to supplement our soil based garden consisting of potted rosemary, green onions and a bay tree.

Kudos to the patient and kind sales people at Midwest Supplies/Hydroponics for giving us the confidence to get our feet wet.


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