A brief moment of each day.


I got out of the office for lunch today, mostly to post information on FB for the friends of our lake because I was unable to do so at work, or on my phone, but I can get it done at the library. Yay library! I know I have mentioned in the past how awesome our library downtown is, but too bad, you must endure it again.

Just look at how many layers there are to its visually stunning design! There are the floating walkways, the glass paneled maple planked stairways protruding into the atrium, the layers of stone surrounding the building outside to add texture to the landscaping, and to the left, you can see a glimpse of teen central–a special, separate little section of the library especially for bigger kids, with books they’re into and fantastic red panelling, funky light fixtures, comfortable chairs and hip librarians. Its all about the layers.



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