A brief moment of each day.

128/365–Flying Prep

My airport survival sack.  After packing it my belly filled with the Lepidoptera of excitement and I had to consciously tell myself to calm the heck down so I could get some restful sleep.

Contained within? Toothbrush, Quart Ziploc bag filled with my less than three ounce containers of liquid or liquid like items—including toothpaste, , my Blackberry, my laptop, my wallet, the most recent National Geographic (still in its ubiquitous plastic wrap),  the most recent Bon Appetite (also in plastic wrap), the Central Asia Institute publication, A Journey of Hope—more hopeful than last year? Probably not what with the flooding of most of Pakistan . . . missing from this photo?  The Wordy Shipmates, that conveniently arrived at the library for my reading pleasure today, because what’s more appropriate for Thanksgiving travel reading than a snarky book about Puritans?  I’ve got the audio version on my iPod, but the battery is not to be trusted, and to be honest, sometimes I just can’t listen to Ms. Vowell anymore.


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