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116/365–Best Meal Ever (and my picture of the day)

I think this is the best tasting meal I’ve ever made.

The meat was so tender it just fell apart, the broth had infused every morsel of food in the pan with a complex spicy kick, just the right amount of hot for the three of us. . .no claims of mouths on fire.  I used Matt’s homemade Thai Chipotle Paste (smoked over charcoal/wood fire in the weber thai peppers from our garden then ground and cooked with vinegar until a paste like consistency is obtained) for the chili paste called for in the recipe, risking the called for teaspoon. The vegetables maintained their shape but melted in your mouth, their unique flavors melding nicely with the flavors of the pork fat and broth.

Time from beginning of prep to food on plates was about two and a half hours, not good for a week night meal, but perfectly adequate for a weekend or bank holiday like yesterday.

I didn’t really have room for the torte, but I ate it anyway.  I had to after smelling it all afternoon.

I’d substituted pecans for the hazelnuts in the recipe, and used panko instead of making my own three cups of breadcrumbs, I also ignored all the rolling out instructions for the dough, opting to press it into the pan, and then sprinkle the rest of the “dough” on the top after the filling had been added and pressed it into place.  Absolutely positively successful.  Thank you Epicurious commenters, you saved me with your recipe modifications!

Oh, and here’s my picture for the day:

Pomegranate Jelly for xmas presents and Opti’s lunch.  :  )


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