A brief moment of each day.


We took the boys over Cedar Avenue to the archery range this morning.  It was so beautiful, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.  Opti’s friend had never used a bow before, so we went over the ground rules and the basics first, then enjoyed a half hour of attempting to hit the target.

Good fun, until we started back to the car and noticed a group of children and three little white dogs playing in the hills behind the range.  I explained to them the danger they’d been in, and that the hills are not a place to play, because arrows can kill just as easily as bullets, etc, etc.  I thought they got it, but then they kept playing there anyway because “no one is using it now that you left.”  Stupid children.  At least the two with me understood that playing there was like playing in the middle of the street on the far side of a blind corner.


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