A brief moment of each day.

98/365–Meal One, of Twenty-Five


This recipe was for chicken roasted with golden beets and Jerusalem artichokes coated with beer and pan juices. While it took several hours to prepare, and a special trip to Whole foods for the Jerusalem artichokes. . .totally worth it.

It was easy.

If you define easy as learning about new root vegetables, shopping requiring special grocery trips, and four and a half hours of prep + cooking.


My mother kindly resubscribed us to Bon Appetite recently and the first one to arrive in our mailbox amusingly suggested that it contained 25 easy Fall dinners. Ha! “Easy” I’m so sure, not. No matter, I am taking it as challenge. This meal is to be the first of twenty-five, saying I can figure out which twenty-five they’re talking about.


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