A brief moment of each day.

17/365 – Toad Rescue

We’ve got an open window well for our egress window in the basement, it’s also quite adept at capturing toads. Optimus has started an informal toad rescue service in the evenings at my urging.  Last night there were 12-13 of the little spotted toads trapped at the bottom. Tonight there were only two, including this guy.

Last night however, I experienced an Optimism moment that I just have to share.  Opti’d been at the capture and release thing for ten minutes or so when two hopped back into the well with him.

He asked me, “Can I swear right now?” To which I replied, “Sure.” A few seconds of silence passed, then quite seriously he said “Mother F*&#er.” And then, “I’m sorry toads, but sometimes when you’re so stupid, it’s hard not to swear in front of you.”

When he thought he recognized the two in there today he chided them, “You really ought to go to toad school because you obviously haven’t learned your lesson.”  Silly toads.


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