A brief moment of each day.

9/365- Mississippi Lotus

For those of you that were following my updates on Facebook throughout the MRC, you’re probably wondering why this isn’t a photo of a crime scene.  The description is far more vivid than the photograph would have been.

Some paddlers on the challenge reported a floater.  When we paddled by, the scene was not all that photogenic–a St. Paul fire department motorized water craft, a wooden dock supporting several uniformed individuals, with an office behind and slightly above it on the land side, rusty barges flanking it, a safety captain’s canoe hovering near the scene.  Boring really, until the police photographer had the body rolled over, making it then very obvious for a few moments that the bobbing object between the dock and the nearest rusting barge wasn’t a log, but rather a bloated corpse.  And then the moment for a photograph had passed, with my camera in it’s dry bag behind my seat.

This lotus blossom was much more cooperative, providing me with as much time as I needed to capture it’s spectacular interior.  I wish my boys could have seen these flowers in person, because they were awe inspiring.  I can see how Buddhists would be reminded of their Buddha by encountering this botanical gem.


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