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28/365 Notes

I am not a doodler. Instead, I find myself taking notes in meetings that have very little to do with the subject matter sometimes…the quote, misattributed; the observation, not particularly useful.



27/365 Capitalist Centaur


26/365 Perks of WFH

One of my favorite perks of working from home is how cat friendly my home office is. Working on a stressful project? Everything is going to be just fine! How do I know? Lap full of purring kitten!IMG_7074.JPG

24/365 Toats My Goats

IMG_7015-1.JPG Kitten Selfie. He focused with his nose, so cut him some slack on the blur. đŸ˜‰

25/365 The Sledding Hill

I made the case for the trees planted on this hill needing to be relocated because they were going to be preventing the neighborhood kids from using it as a sledding hill. Forestry was kind enough to move the saplings to preserve the hill for that informal use.

Day two of our first snowstorm and no kids yet.

Someone had to hit it. IMG_7039.JPG

23/365 Friends?

The cats appear to be friends now, although we did make sausage today, so this could just be a house infused with meat smell induced temporary truce. IMG_6982.JPG

22/365 Specs

New Anne et Valentin’s are in my future. Visited Dr. Buchli this afternoon and need new lenses, as I tend to every few years, so, somehow a lovely afternoon became a shopping trip, which led to these. New look time with some crisp vision as an extra perk. IMG_6965.JPG

21/365 Friday Night Kitten

Totoro is an excellent sharer. IMG_6960.JPG

20/365 Crisp

The air was unusually crisp downtown and the sun, having just slipped over the horizon left everything glowing, just a little bit. IMG_6890.JPG

19/365 Cubedwelling

Years of working in a cube makes it difficult to see what’s right in front of you. Accidentally took this shot yesterday when I discovered the volume buttons take a picture when the picture app is open.

Hi Han, you’re still a handsome jerk, aren’t you?IMG_6829.JPG

And I should probably tidy things up again.

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